The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott

Sophie and Josh are your ordinary twins, until one day a strange car pulls up outside of the shops they work at. Immediately they know something is wrong. The smell of rotten eggs fills the air as strange gray “men” get out of the car. These men go into to Nicholas Flemming’s store and Josh is stunned to see magic flowing from the fingers of Dr. Dee as he attacks Nicholas. It turns out, both Dee and Flemming (aka Flamel) are immortal. The twins come to the rescue of Flamel and he sweeps them off to safety, however Flamel’s wife Perenelle is not so lucky. Dee kidnaps her along with the most powerful book in the world…The Codex. Flamel quickly explains that he has been the guardian of the book and since the kids are too involved to go back to their ordinary lives, they must stay with him until things have settled down. Before long another motive is revealed. The Codex, prophesized that twins would save the world or destroy it. Flamel works as their guide and teacher and takes them to Awaken their magical powers. Dee keeps interfering and Flamel, the twins, and their friend Scatty must battle against all kinds of Elders, undead, and mythological animals. I enjoyed reading so many familiar names of gods and goddesses and mythological creatures. I was surprised by the author’s footnotes about just how much of the book is based on fact. Teens will enjoy reading about their favorite mythological characters such as vampires, werewolves, and the sphinx. In the end, the reader is left anxiously awaiting book two: The Magician

Spiderwick Chronicles: The Field Guide Book 1


Last night I finished reading this book to my daughter Haille. We can’t wait to get book two to find out what happens. Jared, Simon and Mallory move into their great aunt Lucy Spiderwick’s house after their father leaves them. The house is huge, but falling apart. Immediately the kids start noticing a scratching sound in the walls. Upon further inspection they find some kind of creature has built a home in the wall of the kitchen. Mallory busts open the wall to remove the creature’s belongings. Later that night she is tormented while she sleeps. Of course their mom doesn’t believe them, so the kids are on their own to figure things out. Secret hiding places, faeries, magical books, tricksters…this book will keep you flipping through pages!